Dad Jokes Duo have been playing music together for 20 years. Performing 100’s of shows for audiences of adults and children across the country. Rory is a CCMA Nominated Country Artist and Stand Up Comedian who has shared the stage with the likes of Keith Urban. Kevin can change a diaper with one hand tied behind his back. Probably. They both have children under the age of 10 giving them a ‘from the trenches’ knowledge of how kids and parents want to be entertained, and the type of children's music the whole car load will enjoy.

What to expect at a Live Show:

Based in Ottawa, Ontario, The Dad Jokes Duo was created by two musician dads who were tired of The Wiggles and wanted to hear music they enjoyed when their kids were being entertained.

The resulting act is a combination of music and comedy made for families. Songs and skits are written with both the child and parent in mind. Examples of this include covers of songs parents will know such as Wagon Wheel by Darius Rucker, with the lyrics changed to something kids love and engages them to participate.

Skits and jokes are written to be funny to kids with punchlines that only the adults catch on to.  Our influence is the movie Shrek – something that can be enjoyed by child and parent simultaneously because there is a layer present for each.

Mix in a few cover songs that kids go crazy for like Old Town Road by Little Nas X and you’ve got a show that has the kids bouncing and the parents nodding along.