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Jokes Duo have been playing music together since they were kids. Now each having kids of their own, they want to create music that inspires and empowers the next generation.

Using humor as a tool to overcome adversity, Dad Jokes Duo are former band geeks who have had their share of ups and downs. Kevin has dealt with Type 1 Diabetes his whole life, and Rory’s family almost got blown to Oz in a Tornado.  

Using humor as a coping mechanism has been a line of defense for our well-being, and has even inspired a TEDx talk on the subject.

Singing original songs like “If you’re lucky enough to be different (don’t ever change)”, we empower kids to embrace their uniqueness, encouraging them to be themselves.

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What to expect at a Live Show:

Based in Ottawa, Ontario, The Dad Jokes Duo was created by two dads who thought they were better than The Wiggles. Although they were incorrect...​the resulting act is a combination of music and comedy designed with both the child and parent in mind. Songs & humor written to be funny for kids with punchlines that only the adults catch on to. Thing “Shrek”. Mix in a few cover songs (that we change the lyrics to), and you’ve got a show that has the kids bouncing and the parents not checking their watches.  

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Laughter is the best medicine. So if you want to live longer, drop us a line!

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Dad Jokes Duo


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